Gemstones are considered to have a special significance in Vedic astrology. Gemstones are used to keep out the problems caused by planets. In the days before only the kings and People with high levels used to wear gemstones as recommended by Astrologers and enjoy the benefits, but now a day’s anyone can wear and get the benefits of the gemstones.

Wearing gemstones is growing rapidly. Because the people who are holding these gems are benefiting them in every area of life be it Business, education etc.

The Gem stones are considered to be a powerful tool in astrology to give power to the weak planets. Each planet has a Gem stone of its own according to its colour, and capacity to attract the cosmic rays of the particular planet.

To use the gems one should know which gem stone is good for his health and well being by considering their horoscope with an asrtologer and accordingly wear as per the instructions and reap benefits of wearing it.

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